5 Best Alternative Sites Like Fiverr For Freelancers

1. workother

As the name implies, workother is a platform with a large community of top graphic designers from different parts of the world. The site is similar to Fiverr. The only thing is that it deals on graphic design while Fiverr covers other niches, including graphic design.

That said whatever design project you are working on, you will surely find a professional that can help you get the task done. From poster designers, book cover designers, label designers, logo designers, T-shirt designers, business card designers to web designers, workother has everything you need.See also  15 Best Strategy Based Games Like Age of Empires

2. TaskArmy


TaskArmy is one of the fastest growing freelancing platforms, owing to its strict policy which ensures only quality freelancers gets the nod to ply their trade on the site. It is one of the sites like Fiverr that have dealt decisively with spammers, offering genuine freelancers the opportunity to use their skills to earn money.

Another impressive thing about TaskArmy is customer satisfaction, which it takes seriously. The platform operates in a way that employers only have to pay for services rendered to their satisfaction.

3. Fivesquid


Fivesquid is another platform like Fiverr that looks promising. You will find professionals in diverse niches ranging from voiceovers, content writing, cartoon caricature, search engine optimization to social media marketing. The platform also has a clean interface and looks professional too.

You can also hire for as little as 5 pounds. And keep in mind that the currency used on this platform is pound sterling. Registration on the platform is free and straightforward, and the same thing applies to hire and to post of custom orders. The platform also comprises of professionals from different parts of the world.

4. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is another popular freelancing platform. This site is also a top choice for freelancers who are genuinely interested in making a living off their skills. But keep in mind that client satisfaction is a top priority here, and they (client) might even get a refund when jobs delivered are not up to their satisfaction.

PeoplePerHour also comprises of professionals from different parts of the world. You will also find freelancers offering services on diverse niches on the platform too.

5. GigBucks


GigBucks is another promising freelancing platform where you can assign jobs to professionals in diverse niches. You will also find freelancers who can provide the quality of service you seek.

All the niches you can think of are present on GigBucks. And if you are seeking reliable digital marketing professionals and creatives, this is one of the ideal freelancing platforms you should visit. The only drawback is that the site isn’t as popular as Fiverr. Hence its traffic is sparse.

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