Ice Fountains – Safe, clean and beautiful fireworks for indoor or outdoor

colorful flashing light display
Ice fountains are fireworks that lie on the ground and, when lit, emit small shimmering lights. Its display can be a solid color or a range of colors, the first color blending with the next.
This type of fireworks is similar to the type produced by overhead repeaters except that, like all fountain fireworks, it has only one tube for sparking like rain. The repeater contains multiple tubes, each containing a different pyrotechnic process. Every time the lit wick hits a tube, the effects are propelled into the air. Fountains also don’t project their effects more than 10 feet into the air, unlike repeaters that can shoot Hochzeitsfeuerwerk much higher than that.

Why is it called an ice fountain?
One might think that “ice” refers to a fountain that continuously emits white sparks. But this is not the case; some of them emit blue and red, yellow and green, or burn different colors. So why are they called ice fountains? This is most likely due to the flames they produce, known as “cold flames.”
This kind of flame is what we get when we dip a $10 bill in alcohol and try to burn it. The flame is light blue. Take time to notice the color of the flames at the base of the sparkling rain emanating from an ice fountain. It also seems to have a light green color.

Cool flames reach temperatures below 400 degrees. They do not produce as much heat and light as a normal flame. They also do not emit significant amounts of smoke or carbon dioxide.
And since these are exactly the features of ice fountains that have inspired millions of people to use them as candles for birthday and wedding cakes, we can reasonably conclude that we do. discovered the origin of the name “ice fountain.”
Ice fountains are safe to use.
Because they do not produce noticeable amounts of CO2 and smoke, these fireworks are as eco-friendly as possible in the industry. They can be safely used indoors. Their low temperature makes them less of a fire hazard. Because they produce no smoke or carbon dioxide, they can be safely accessed without fear of lung disease.

wide variety of screens
The designers of the ice fountain were diligent in inventing light shows. The shimmering rays can also take the form of rays from stars. There are larger fountains that actually look like cool fountains. In other words, these fireworks are not only as good as birthday candles, but also stand-alone fireworks.
It can even ease your mood at home just by looking at the sparkling lights emanating from it. With that said, they won’t damage the eyes from high light and heat. You can even light them on the next table just to brighten your mood.

How to Protect Your Pet During Fireworks Night 

Betriebsfest ideennight is great fun for everyone, and may it continue for a long time. But while the law limits the use of fireworks to certain times of the day, for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals, it can be a time of grief, fear, and even pain. in year.   Many pets have much more sensitive hearing than we do, and the loud bangs and whistles of fireworks can cause earaches and make some pets sick. And with November 5 falling on a Wednesday this year, the fireworks season is expected to last at least 10 days. So, what can you do to keep your pet safe and feel safe and stress-free?

Make them comfortable.
The first thing to do is prepare your home. Pets should be kept indoors when fireworks are launched, doors and windows closed, cat doors locked, and blinds drawn. This also applies to rabbits and other small animals that are normally kept outdoors, as these animals are easily startled. Next, prepare a suitable place for your dog, cat, or rabbit to hide, with blankets and sheets to get into and some of your unwashed clothes to keep them comfortable in their favorite room. Make sure they drink plenty of water and eat well before the noise starts so that they naturally feel sleepy and lethargic.

 Only provide analysis.
Make sure your pet has plenty of toys and games, and try to provide background music from the TV or radio. The volume should be loud enough to drown out the fireworks, but at a moderate level. Rhythmic music works, but don’t turn their safe room into a set of sounds!
Adjust your behavior
It’s important to know how to react if your pet shows signs of distress. If it whines or meows, tries to hide in a corner, or shows other signs of fear, don’t punish or interfere in any way. You need to stay calm and act normal because punishing or yelling reinforces that there really is something to be afraid of, while fussing and petting rewards them for their scary behavior, which can make everything worse. The best thing to do, no matter how difficult, is to try to ignore any changes in behavior and act like you would any other night.

Use a small hospital.
For dogs and cats, you can purchase a special diffuser from your veterinarian to help calm and relax the animal. However, these must be plugged into an electrical outlet for up to two weeks before the night of the fireworks to be properly effective, and there is no such remedy for rabbits and small animals. However, there are fast-acting homeopathic remedies on the market that can be administered through a pet’s water bottle or directly into the mouth, and these can be used with dogs, cats, rabbits, and all small animals.

Things You Should Not Do…

One last word on what will only make things worse Never take your dog to a fireworks show; even if your dog isn’t barking or whining, that doesn’t mean he’s happy. Excessive panting and yawning can sometimes indicate that your dog is under stress. Never tie your dog outside (in a store, for example), leave him in the car, or take him for a walk while fireworks are going off. And never yell at your cat, dog, or rabbit if they are scared, as you will only stress them out more.

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